Sean Degnan, M.D. (his patients call him “Dr. Sean”) has led a life steeped in medicine. His father, George Degnan, M.D., served as surgeon for 6 years during the second World War. Immediately following the war he was declared the chief surgeon for Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area. One year later he was also appointed as the medical director of the county and he held these positions for over 30 years. Dr. Sean’s mother was a nurse, his younger sister is an obstetrical RN, his older sister is a psychologist, and his brother is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Sean is recognized within the family as a person who has always sought out the least invasive option for patients.


Dr. Sean completed a 3-year residency in Family Practice from UC Davis in 1984.

Following residency training, he was invited to stay on in the UC Davis system where he declared dermatology as his sub-specialty as a staff physician attending to the under-privileged at 3 dermatology clinics.

Three years later he moved to Palm Springs where he eventually owned and directed 3 busy clinics employing over 40 individuals including 6 physicians.

He also worked with the following board-certified dermatologists from 1987 until 2005: Dr. Don Scott (associate professor, U.C. Loma Linda), Dr. Robert West, Dr. Charles Steffan, Dr. Michael Milligan, and Dr. Ingrid Trinkle.

The predominance of his practice life was focused on treating Medicare patients afflicted with sun-damage provided by the year-round desert light. He has maintained board-certification in Family Practice most of his career and his patients often appreciate his valuable knowledge of general medicine while attending to their dermatological needs.

During Dr. Degnan’s earlier Palm Springs years, he did not embrace most of the cosmetic procedures that were being performed by his close colleagues because the procedures did not meet his strict requirements for safety. The “fillers” such as bovine collagen were not compatible enough with the human immune system, the chemical peels and lasers were scarring far too many patients, and Dr. Degnan wanted to wait to see if Botox had any yet undiscovered long-term side effects.

Over the last 15 years, the safety factor has greatly improved. We now have fillers that are far more “holistic” in their human compatibility. The newer lasers such as the Sciton and Fraxel are far safer and precise than their predecessor machines or chemical peels. Botox, when issued as per FDA approval for wrinkles, has been proven to be as safe as swallowing an aspirin tablet. In 2002, a wonderful alternative to surgical tightening of the skin was invented called Thermage. Since then, the company has poured profits back into research and development to ensure their latest updated Thermage machine remains the finest skin-tightening device in the world.

Thus Dr. Degnan’s most recent clinic in Palm Desert, California, revolved more around these cosmetic procedures. He brought his strong experience, particularly in the use of safe long-lasting fillers, lasers and Thermage, to Lake Tahoe where he opened up his newest office in 2005, and where he plans to live and practice medicine for the remainder of his career.

Dr. Degnan is a member in good standing of the International Society of Cosmetic and Laser Surgeons as well as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.