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Probably the crux of our ability to deliver common sense approaches that are fully understood by our patients is the initial complementary comprehensive consultation. During this meeting that commonly lasts well over an hour, new patients are given a tour of the office and the new high-tech equipment. Before-and-after photographs of Lake Tahoe locals (no coverings of eyes to hide identities) are presented to demonstrate the benefits of the major devices, filler, and Botox.

The new patient is asked what skin features are most personally bothersome and then Dr. Degnan provides a summary in lay-language as to how these issues can be best addressed. The new patient leaves with a comprehensive “menu” that explains costs, the precise benefit of each recommended procedure along with the expected duration of improvement.

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While we do not provide specific price quotes based soley upon photographs, you are welcome to send some to us to make any pre-consultation communication more meaningful.

We strive to schedule appointments within a few days of your call and little waiting upon arrival. All new patients are offered a tour of our sophisticated facility and state-of-the-art non-surgical devices.

Medicare insurance is accepted for seniors and we accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. For others, price quotes are always given in advance and payment is expected at the time of service.

Our prices for general dermatology are very reasonable. Dr Degnan’s low prices for general dermatology are especially appreciated whether no insurance or those with typical high deductibles.

We keep costs down by avoiding unnecessary complicated procedures (when a simple one is adequate); we avoid extra office visits and Dr Degnan is known for keeping bills low by not recommending biopsies of skin growths that are obviously harmless.

Those interested in cosmetic procedures are shown the finest non-surgical equipment available and provided a complimentary, no-pressure cosmetic consultation with Dr. Degnan in easy to understand terminology.

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