Glytone Step-Up

Glytone offers a targeted range of in-office peels and at-home product regimens based on indication for all your skincare concerns. Using free unbuffered levels of Glycolic Acid, an AHA, Glytone products are highly recommended for skin rejuvenation. Glytone uses the highest level of free glycolic acid allowing your physician to control treatment regimens and achieve maximum efficacy and optimum skin rejuvenation. As such, Glytone products are only available through a dermatologist or physician.



Glytone Step Up System

The step-up system is ideal for people concerned with the cosmetic signs of aging. A customized “step-up” approach using increasing levels of free glycolic acid helps combat the cosmetic appearance of skin aging and maximize patient tolerance.Benefits:15% AHA:The second level in the step-up system, to be used after proven tolerance of Step 1 products.20% AHA:The highest level of the glycolic acid step-up program produces dramatic results.

For use only after toleration and compliance of Step 2.

Glytone Body System


  • A targeted range of products help rough, hardened or uneven skin
  • Highly specialized formulations smooth, retexturize and moisturize skin
  • Glycolic acid helps minimize keratosis pilaris
  • Proven 24-hour chronobiological formula diminishes the appearance of cellulite

Glytone Mild Facial Cream Wash

Glycolic Acid in a step-up program. Start with 15% and work your way up to 29.5%. Exfoliate and have fresher looking skin.
Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream
High concentrations of Glycolic Acid act quickly to exfoliate dry, course, and dead skin on heels and elbows. Free acid value: 29.5%
Retexturize Body Lotion
A retexturizing body lotion formulated with glycolic acid to help exfoliate dead surface skin cells. Helps smooth rough bumps while it optimizes skin’s natural renewal process. Moisturizes and softens, leaving skin smoother to the touch. Free acid value: 17.5%

Glytone Lipo-Lift

Reduce the appearance of cellulite with a revolutionary 2 step home regimen. 2 step regimen visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite.Lipo-Lift Massage Kit:

  • Firming massage system helps reduce the appearance of dimpling and “orange peel” skin.
  • Slimming ingredients include caffeine, pilosella and ivy extracts and salicylic acid.
  • Developed in collaboration with a physiotherapist specializing in edema and cellulite treatment.

Lipo-Lift Serum:

  • Dual phase formula works day and night to visibly firm and tone skin.
  • Synergistic ingredients include caffeine, caffeine salts, phloridzine, pilosella extract and hesperidin methyl chalcone.
  • Delivers visible results using the right ingredients at the right time.