Hair Removal


There has been a tremendous increase in the demand for permanent hair removal in both women and men. In assessing ones’ options, the key word to pay attention to is “permanent.” “Permanent waves” and “permanent markers” are certainly not permanent, and one needs to be careful in their expectations regarding claims of so called permanent hair removal.

light sheer


Hair removal creams and waxing do not give anything close to permanent results and, in fact, can lead to courser hair that will then be more resilient to permanent hair removal. While the classical old electrolysis machines and some of the newer light lasers can definitely knock hair counts down significantly with numerous repeated treatments, they can not claim permanent results nor results that proximate that of the LightSheer Laser.

In Dr. Degnan’s determination to have the best high-tech equipment available, he has purchased his second expensive LightSheer device. This laser is the only laser the FDA has approved for permanent hair removal.
Thus it is the most effective device for long-lasting results, but Dr. Degnan wants potential patients to realize that his own definition of “permanent” is only met when the LightSheer is used on patients with dark hair and light skin. For those with lighter hair against darker skin, it is more likely the patient may need “touch-up” treatments down the road. But again, the need for touch-ups with LightSheer will fortunately be less frequent than with any other method.

LightSheer works by sending light into the hair bulbs (or follicles) that reside in the skin. Hair bulbs contain hairs that are either actively growing or are “resting.” LightSheer only destroys bulbs that are in their growing phase. For that reason, several treatments, usually given about 4-6 weeks apart, are required since at any one time only a percentage of hairs are in this growing phase.

Most patients say the treatments feel like a snapping rubber band. The LightSheer treatment tip that touches the skin has a cooling element to make the treatment more comfortable. Also, Dr. Degnan possesses the famous “Zimmer Chiller” device (used mainly for laser skin peels) that can further cool the skin if necessary (most patients don’t need it).

Individual treatment times depend on what part of the body is being targeted. The upper lip on a woman requires only a few minutes whereas treating the back on a man can take the better part of an hour. The treated area will probably appear red, consistent with a mild sun burn, for about a day. After about a week the treated hairs will come to the surface and fall out. Like other light lasers, LightSheer will not work on blonde or gray hair For blonde hair, Dr. Degnan recommends the FDA-approved cream called Vaniqua that requires a physican’s prescription. For grey hair, Dr. Degnan recommends electrolysis by an experienced cosmetologist such as Sally Batista of Minden, Nevada.