Dr. Degnan is so comfortable with his abilities that he has performed lip enlargement demonstrations to large audiences at local casinos, but maintains full respect for the pitfalls if not done correctly. The physician needs to possess a seasoned understanding of all the varied appropriate filler options for any given set of lips. Like most cosmetic doctors,
Dr. Degnan currently only uses Juvederm in the lips as well as to treat the “bleeder lines” above the upper lip in older women. For the reasons why
Juvederm is the perfect filler for lips, please refer to Juvederm in the “Wrinkles Treatment” section.
Touch-ups with Juvederm to lips are generally given every 5-9 months.


Enlarging lips

For the typical women who wants her lips modified, Dr. Degnan will usually encourage increasing the “poutiness” rather than sheer size. This is accomplished with three injections—one in each side of the upper lip and one in the center of the lower lip. The injections are given just inside the lips so needle marks are hidden. Dr. Degnan is talented and quick with his hands and therefore only uses ice to numb the lips beforehand (as opposed to some offices that numb the lips in advance by injecting anesthetic into the nerves at the back of the mouth). Dr. Degnan has a fear of dental shots and won’t do anything to a patient he wouldn’t endure himself.

Lip issues more related to sagging skin (than small lips)

If the woman is a bit older and the lip issue is partially due to mid-face sagging (manifest by parenthesis lines around the mouth and sagging of the outer upper lip onto the lower lip), then Dr. Degnan may recommend lifting the entire mid-face which can easily and quickly be done by placing Voluma in the cheekbone areas. Please refer to Voluma under the “Face and Neck Sagging” section. Many women are very pleased to see how nice their upper outer lips return to their former youthful appearance once the sagging of skin from above is put back into place with Voluma. The advantage to approaching the sagging upper lip by mid-face lifting is that you get the added benefit of getting the cheekbone prominences back along with lessening the parenthesis lines, and slightly lifting sagging jowls up and off the jawline. Also, Voluma lasts longer than Juvederm with touch-ups usually given every 7 to 13 months.

Lipstick bleeder lines (wrinkles)

An older common technique to treat bleeder lines was to inject filler into each vertical wrinkle. This elevates the valleys of each wrinkle to render it less noticeable. But these wrinkles are not just defects in the surface skin—they are also made worse by the loss of underlying tissue with age. Around 2007 a superior technique towards treating the deep tissue loss was developed that involves injecting the filler under the bleeder lines by going horizontally and much deeper (than the older method that just goes horizontally and barely under the skin). This easily performed method thickens the entire area above the upper lip for a tremendously more youthful appearance, especially in much older women who have lost significant supportive tissue. 

Permanent fillers:
For many reasons, Dr. Degnan strongly warns women to avoid the placement of permanent fillers (such as silicone or plastic materials) either into the lips or above the upper lip.