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This world is quickly becoming a better place. Cutting edge technology without the knife! We are excited to bring you the latest, safest, effective cosmetic procedures available. There is no reason to go to Beverly Hills or San Francisco. We have the best services available here in beautiful Lake Tahoe. We truly believe in what we do. Not to brag, but come check out our skin and faces. We care for ourselves like we want to care for you!


Wrinkles mitigation are a common concern for most adults. The approach is based on the severity of the wrinkles, where they are located on the face, and whether they are caused by facial expressions or excessive sun exposure…more >>

Sagging Skin

To a physician like Dr. Degnan who is almost obsessed with searching out the least invasive approaches for any given disorder, prayers were answered when machines were developed that can tighten skin without the expense,… more >>

Unwanted Fat Pockets

FatDissolve is a newer non-surgical approach to remove areas of unwanted fat or cellulite visible almost anywhere beneath the skin. Treatments involve the use of natural medications that are injected via… more >>

Age Spots & Redness

There are several medical approaches to these common problems. Age spots can be treated with bleaching creams, for example, but unfortunately it requires too many months of faithful usage for most people to adequately comply…. more >>

Hair Removal

There has been a tremendous increase in the demand for permanent hair removal in both women and men. In assessing ones’ options, the key word to pay attention to is “permanent”… more >>

Spider Veins

In the realm of treating spider veins on the legs, sclerotherapy refers to the placement of various safe solutions that cause the vein to become irritated and eventually shrink down and gradually dissolve away…. more >>

Hair Transplants

Hair transplantation is almost always the preferred way to restore a balding scalp. In a man losing his hair in a typical balding pattern (one that starts in the front and on the top of the scalp)… more >>

General Dermatology

While this website makes mention of the various cosmetic procedures Dr. Degnan has mastered, in reality much of his day-to-day practice involves general dermatology. While there is not enough room here to…. more >>