Non-Surgical Approach to Unwanted Fat


FatDissolve is a newer non-surgical approach to remove areas of unwanted fat or cellulite visible almost anywhere beneath the skin…

Common locations include pockets of fat such as the turkey necks, cheeks, belly pooches, love handles, outer and inner thighs, etc. This safe treatment has become very popular in Europe and South America over the last 15 years, and has now become similarly appreciated in the United States. 

Fat Dissolve - White Background

It is not a treatment for overall obesity, but is the best answer for those who have stubborn areas that just won’t go away with diet and exercise.


FatDissolve is a non-surgical alternative to lipo-suction for removing pockets of unwanted fat.  The procedure ranks at the top in Doctor Degnan’s career-long quest to pursue safer alternatives to surgery  FatDissolve’s safety record over that of lipo-suction is staggering.

Dr. Degnan is an accredited member of the respected International Meso-Lipotherapy Society and was personally trained in a one-on-one manner by Dr. Roman Chubaty of Scottsdale who is considered the North American expert in the procedure. Dr. Degnan is a fan of FatDissolve especially due to its non-invasive nature–he has always been wary of the complications and even deaths that have occurred all too frequently with the surgical option known as liposuction. Dr. Degnan has had his belly pooch, jaw line and under chin areas treated with FatDissolve. His staff has had their tummy fat treated.

Treatments involve the use of two natural medications that are injected via tiny needles directly into the fat deposits. These medications are “natural” as the human body utilizes these same substances in its own pathways for processing fat. The medications dissolve the unwanted fat cells and the subsequent clean-up is performed by common cells that involve an inflammatory reaction that leaves the treated areas slightly red and sore for a few days. The breakdown products then leave the body via standard pathways of elimination.

Most pockets of fat require 2- 4 treatments (with a range of 1 to 6 treatments depending on the site). Areas along jaw line (fatty jowls) or under the chin usually require fewer treatments than do “belly pooches” or “love handles.” Dr. Degnan will only treat latter areas if there is minimal fat and if the patient’s weight is conscientiously maintained. In his opinion Fat Dissolve is appropriately used only for stubborn pockets of fat, and not as a substitute for diet and exercise. Treatments takes about 15 minutes and are spaced a matter of 3-4 weeks apart.

If interested, please make an appointment with Dr. Degnan for a complementary consultation.